5th Winter Symposium of “THE HUMAN MOTION PROJECT” - MARCH 07, 2018 in Munich

Working Title:
"Novel Endpoints Generated by Mobile Accelerometry for Use in Phase III Clinical Trials"

Klinikum Rechts der Isar, TUM Munich / Germany

• Sensor technology and assessment criteria
• Endpoints based on mobile accelerometry
• Validation and steps towards regulatory acceptance
• Wearables & clinical trials
• Walking in chronic diseases & rehabilitation
• Walking and cognition/dual tasking
• Walking/running/exercise in space, Bed rest studies
• Myokines
• Walking and falling
• Shoes and risk of injuries
• Maternal/fetal motion
• Acceleromics
• Devices and gold standards
• Big data and open access
• Regulatory aspects for novel outcomes

More details will follow soon and can be found then here.

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